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How Does Internet Use and
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Featured Article:
A Parents Guide to Healthy Internet and
Video Game Use for Children with ADHD:
The cover article from Attention Magazine WInter 2017-18 issue

Attention Magazine  Winter 2018 Cover


Journal Article:
Sussman, C. J. et al. (2017) ‘Internet and Video Game Addictions: Diagnosis, Epidemiology, and Neurobiology’, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Clinics of NA. Elsevier Inc. doi: 10.1016/j.chc.2017.11.015.


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HBO's Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel-"Video Game Addiction":
Dr. Sussman was an expert consultant for the July, 2019 Episode on Gaming Addiction. Go to HBO on demand to see full episode or click here for preview.

HBO Real Sports  With Bryant Gumbel July 2019

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August 9, 2017


ADHD and Screen Addiction Treatment

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is a challenge of self-regulation, meaning that the challenge of sometimes engaging attention and other times unengaging attention, much like an addiction or an addict's need to walk away. In this edition of Attention Talk Radio, ADHD coach Jeff Copper interviews Dr. Clifford Sussman ( on the treatment and challenges of working with those who have ADHD and screen addiction issues. If this speaks to you, this show promises to be very insightful to help you be self-aware and attack the problem head on. 


August 2, 2017


ADHD and Screen Addiction: The Hard Part

This edition of Attention Talk Radio is a follow-up to part one in a series related to ADHD and screen addiction. In the first episode, we talked about the biology that places those with ADHD at higher risk for screen addiction. In this edition, we talk with Dr. Clifford Sussman ( about the issues that arise when you combine the challenges of ADHD, self-regulation, puberty, and the ever-growing requirements to interact with the world digitally. If the topic speaks to you, you will want to listen in to create self-awareness and understand the very real challenges at present in dealing with this challenge.


July 26, 2017


ADHD and Screen Addiction: The Biology and Issues

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is very much an issue of self-regulation. Biological issues related to those with ADHD lend themselves to struggles with screen addiction. In this episode of Attention Talk Radio, ADHD coach Jeff Copper interviews psychiatrist Dr. Clifford Sussman ( who discusses the issues related to the challenges of those with ADHD and problematic use of digital technology.  He clearly lays out biology and issues at hand to understand why this is a very big concern for those with ADHD. If this topic speaks to you, this is a show you won't want to miss.

April 24th, 2013
Attention Talk Radio
-Dr. Sussman answers questions from teenagers
-sponsored by Children and Adults with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (CHADD) 
Click on the link below to listen!

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AACAP - American Academy of Child and Adolescent Pscyhiatry
AACAP facts for families - Concise, evidence-based information on mental illness and medications
CAPSGW - Washington, DC Branch of AACAP
Caron Treatment Centers - Substance and process addiction centers
Caron Renaissance in Florida - Site in Boca Raton, FL of new Internet and Video Game Use Disorder inpatient treatment track for 18 and older, developed in collaboration with Dr. Sussman
Common Sense Media - Link to a video they feature on teenagers and digital technology
CHADD - Children and Adults with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder
NGC - National Guideline Clearinghouse. A "comprehensive database of evidence-based clinical practice guidelines."
OCF - Obsessive-Compulsive Foundation. Resources for
Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
Olganon - Online gamers anonymous
Quackwatch - Information on whether alternative treatments are effective/evidence-based, or scams
reStart - Center for technology sustainability
SAMHSA - Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration website, with resources for help with substance abuse website of The Center for Internet and Technology Addiction, run by my colleague Dr. David Greenfield. Contains useful screening tools.

SNAP-IV Teacher and Parent Rating Scale - A useful tool for monitoring ADHD symptoms at home and school. Used alone it is not sufficient to make the diagnosis.


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