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Dr. Sussman believes in a model of individual psychotherapy that is integrated, customized, and interactive.

Integrated and customized means treatment is not rigidly tied down to one philosophy -rather it allows full use of resources available as needed for the individual. Based on the specific goals of the client, Dr. Sussman may use tools from different schools of psychotherapy, including psychodynamic, cognitive behavioral, dialectical behavioral, behavioral, motivational, insight-oriented, supportive, and even interactive multimedia therapies. Medications are prescribed when benefits outweigh risks and the patient or guardian provides informed consent. The decision to take medications is always the choice of the client. (click here for more information on these topics...)

Interactive means there is bidirectional flow between the client and the therapist. The client and therapist are sitting on an equal plane and making eye contact. The therapist uses techniques of active listening, reflection, and neutrality to allow the client to be in control and take an active role in exploring feelings and improving insight. In this way clients can work towards independence from the therapist by solving problems using their own strengths and abilities.(click here for more information on these topics...)






















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