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Dr. Sussman is an out-of-network provider. Please contact Dr. Sussman for fee information. Fee is subject to change with at least 6 weeks notice.

Additional services such as phone calls extended more than 15 minutes, review of psychological testing over 15 minutes, and printed reports may also be subject to a pro-rated fee.

Payment is required at the time of service for the initial evaluation, and the day of the appointment for follow-up sessions. Direct deposit from a bank account is the preferred method of payment, which can be set up on the first visit by bringing a voided check. Credit card payments can also be made, but may be subject to a nominal fee.

Dr. Sussman's practice policies are subject to change. If you would like a copy of the latest practice policies to be emailed to you, please send an email request to Please do not send any confidential information by email.

Dr. Sussman’s practice is fee-for-service. As an out-of network provider, Dr. Sussman provides each patient with an invoice that contains information that can be submitted to most private insurance companies for successful reimbursement.

Dr. Sussman has decided not to process insurance claims himself because he believes in providing the highest quality care to every patient, and does not want limits to be placed on the services he can provide by insurance companies. Dr. Sussman does not believe in the “disease model” of mental health supported by insurance company policies - he feels strongly that psychotherapy is not just for the “mentally ill” - It can also be used for healthy and high-functioning individuals who wish to have a better understanding of their feelings, thoughts, or behaviors, so that they may function even better.

One helpful way to understand this point of view is to look at psychotherapy as “exercise” for the mind. Your doctor may prescribe exercise if you are physically “ill”- eg. recovering from a heart attack or an injury, but physically “ill” people are not the only ones who benefit from exercise. In fact, the healthiest people, such as marathon runners and professional athletes, tend to exercise the most.

Also keep in mnd that many in-network providers practice a "split treatment" model of care, where cost to insurance companies is reduced because one sees a psychiatrist with an MD degree just for brief occasional visits that only cover medication managment, while seeing a separate therapist who does not have an MD degree. When you see Dr. Sussman, he can provide a combination of psychotherapy and medications (if needed) so you only need to see one provider who knows you well. He can also recognize and screen out medical causes of psychological symptoms and understand comorbid medical illness in the therapy setting. Click here for more information.











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Email is for billing and fee questions only -
Please do not email confidential information

If you are an established client with
an urgent medical or psychiatric issue,

you may call 1-866-497-1077.

For all medical and psychiatric emergencies
it is recommended to call 911 or go to the
nearest emergency room.

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