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An Energetic, Creative, and Interactive Presenter with Experience

Dr. Sussman has regularly delivered presentations throughout his community and the nation as an expert on the healthy use of internet and video games. During the pandemic lockdown he has delivered frequent webinars. He has received wide critical acclaim for his ability to explain complex neuropsychological phemoena to people of all ages and experience with clarity and passion, using original animations when necessary. He has had several media appearances which have further established him as an expert in the field.

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Teachers & Staff

"I encourage all parents and professionals to watch Dr. Cliff Sussman's webinar on managing screen time during the pandemic and beyond. This is the single best presentation I've seen on this important topic; science-based, clearly presented, full of very practical advice. Thanks to Dr. Cliff for sharing your expertise and wisdom. "

Dan Shapiro, MD
Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrician

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