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" I encourage all parents and professionals to watch Dr. Cliff Sussman's webinar on managing screen time during the pandemic and beyond. This is the single best presentation I've seen on this important topic; science-based, clearly presented, full of very practical advice. Thanks to Dr. Cliff for sharing your expertise and wisdom. "
Dan Shapiro, MD
Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrician
"Dear Cliff,
Thank you for speaking with our students today. We appreciate how you are always able to share knowledge and information in a way that students understand. Your balanced outlook and approach to technology and gaming helps students be more open to listening and hearing your expertise, tips and advice. We value our partnership with you and are grateful for your willingness to support our students. I look forward to working with you again in the future!
Kind regards,
-Marilyn Wilson Odihambo, Middle School Counselor at Washington International School, DC
"Thank you Dr. Sussman.  This was a great presentation and Q&A.  I think you’ve eased anxieties for a lot of parents and given them some tools they can use immediately."
Betsy Dodson
Counseling Advisory Committee Co-Chair, Pyle Middle School, Bethesda, MD

"I am so grateful that you were willing to generously share your knowledge and expertise with our community.  I found your presentation to be extremely informative and helpful, and I could tell that the attendees felt the same way.  I am so appreciative for you, and all of our other professional “Auburn Allies” for the important work you are doing to help those on the Autism Spectrum, as well as so many others.I would love to discuss the possibility of hosting you again next academic year, if you are willing and able. "

-Amy Pernick, Director of Admissions, the Auburn School


"Very Informative, great lecture."

- Compiled Attendee Feedback Summary based on scores and comments from "Internet and Gaming Addiction"  Master Psych Course in Santa Barbara, CA

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As A Psychiatrist:

"Dr. Sussman has been a valued member of our team of clinicians. He has helped many on our team understand the complexities around medication choices for our patients... But in addition to his role as consultant and team member, Dr. Sussman has embraced his work as psychotherapist. He is a dedicated practitioner of the art of psychotherapy. One cannot do this work with children and adolescents without having a sense of humor and a sense of lightheartedness. Dr. Sussman is literally able to get on the floor and squawk like a chicken, to abandon his dignity in the service of the child. He is equally able to draw on his adult capacities to work with those who are more advanced in age and who play only with words. His ability and willingness to use all the parts of himself in his work help him to forge the connections with his patients that matter..."

-Mimi Blasiak, MSW, director of Adele Lebowitz Center for Youth & Families at Washington School of Psychiatry

5 stars

"Dr. Sussman is an outstanding, ethical doctor who is highly regarded for his research in ADHD treatment and in adolescent psychiatry. He uses all of the resources available to him to treat his patients, tailoring his approach to your individual needs, and he is dedicated to using psychotherapy effectively. I am a young adult, and I am very grateful for his services. He has helped me treat my ADHD and other ailments with a well-rounded approach, and it has helped me perform better in the classroom, in the workplace and in my personal life. More importantly, I'm a much happier, more confident and capable individual now that I have found effective treatment for my condition. Dr. Sussman's sense of humor and kindness also makes it easy to build an open and trusting doctor-patient relationship, and our sessions are pleasant--regardless of the topic we're discussing. I highly recommend him. (Rating: 5/5 stars)"

-Anonymous review from